LMCS is an abbreviation for Lorrenmor Media Communications and Public Relations Services Company – a division of Lorrenmor (Group) Pty Limited – a diversified holding company hosting a number of businesses in the professional services industry.  The company was established in July 2005.


Stakeholder Communication Specialists


LMCS employs the country’s top Stakeholder Communication Management specialists – from seasoned journalists – to experienced corporate communications consultants.

Our collective experience spans more than 80 years in Journalism, Corporate Media Relations Management, Communication Strategy and Practice, Public Relations and Stakeholder Communication.


Editorial Content Specialists


LMCS employs the services of SA’s most noted editorial writers and authors. Some of our authors are internationally acclaimed for their work. For example, our content Editor, Mr Hilton Hamann, has successfully published four non-fiction books - at least one has been a best seller.




Besides its own employees and associates, the company has a strong private network of specialists ranging from language practitioners, journalists, photographers, Public Relations Project Specialists to hands-on Communication Practitioners.


Strong Organisational Support


Our holding company’s divisions services clients in other professional services in more than 28 countries since 2005.


Efficient in execution


At LMCS we focus on listening carefully to what our clients want to communicate, when it needs to happen and which audiences it wants to mobilise – whether it wants its stakeholders to either embrace, support or advocate its messages.




We help put together the strategy or roadmap – carefully acknowledging brand, employees, investor relations and the external stakeholder audiences that will have to be reached and influenced. 

We help organisations define their messages and will mediate and facilitate the appropriate collaboration processes across the organisation to assist in executing the strategy effectively.  In our efforts to support the organisation to achieve its communication goals, every internal stakeholder is valued as a critical element to secure brand positioning. 




Efficiencies are at the centre of our services model and we will assist organisations to optimise its existing resources so that it can measure the outcomes of collaborated communication efforts to secure optimum return on investment. At LMCS we strive not to waste resources but rather optimise the time we spend. Speed, urgency and short turn-around times are not negotiable.


Focus on ROI


Our ultimate goal remains to support our valuable clients to increase its bottom line and to create value for its stakeholders.


Who we have engaged


Our specialists have – in their own capacities - serviced, amongst other, the following organisations during the past three years:


·         Amalgamated beverage Industries

·         University Free State

·         Prestige Cosmetics Group

·         Liberty Corporate

·         Trustware  Group

·         Absa Group Limited

·         Stanbic

  A host of PR companies